I, as a mother of a teenage girl, always hear that people talk about Korean Beauty. When I ask them why you like Korean Beauty, surprisingly, they couldn’t find the answer. They were just told that K beauty is great, but they don’t know why it is special. I was born and grew up in Korea, and lived in Singapore, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami for last 15 years. I wanted to show the world that K beauty is not only about double cleansing, multiple layers of products, but it must start from
understanding culture. When we develop the products, we start from our Korean history and contemporary scene, we embed the Korean culture into the concept of our beauty products.
OLIVIAUMMA is dedicated to making products based in great ingredients and newest technology, we promise you that you can expect more that that! Our beauty journey will make your life fulfilled with joy and fun, improve your skin over time and be happy together.

CEO, Hye Young Kim