Inspired by the Tanghulu dessert made by dipping fruit into melted sugar, this first collection of clarity-focused products was created in an effort to mimic that glasslike effect on our skin. With a dedication to clean ingredients that work well on skin of all ages we aim to deliver a Korean-made beauty brand for every generation. And our mission, like the aim of our product range is that your skin can look as clear as glass.  



While Korean beauty has been at the forefront of beauty trends in the skincare space for a long time for the long lusted after skin clarity that so many brands have been able to deliver, we aim to take that expectation to another level, delivering fully vegan, Korean made beauty products created by some of the top scientists in the space with over 50 years of time logged perfecting their methods. Armed with both science-backed research and an unwavering desire to deliver skincare for the generations, we bring you OLIVIAUMMA–a labor of love in the name of beauty. 



OLIVIAUMMA translates directly to Olivia’s mom and the namesake for the brand is exactly that eponymous. Hye Young Kim set out on a mission to create a collection of cross-generational skin care that could be used by people of all ages. The aim was to use vegan ingredients and the knowledge of top scientists to create a range that while focused on individual concerns–we know all skin isn’t made the same–would still be healthy for all ages. No person too young or old should have to miss out on glass skin effects because of an ingredient profile. This was conceptualized for all of mankind. 



HI. I’m Hye. I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself, OLIVIAUMMA–Olivia’s mom. In January of 2020 I received a message from my daughter’s friend who was an avid social media addict asking me about Korean beauty. Always on the hunt to improve her acne-ridden hormonal skin, she thought she’d come to the source. Considering I come from Seoul - the homeland of K-beauty, I also had a reputation for a deep understanding for all things aesthetically pleasing given my background in fashion. And so I was considered a trusted advisor as my skin and my daughters are rather porcelain perfection. However, it was at that moment that I realized that there wasn’t a straight answer for her. I wasn’t sure what her skin would respond well to and having been on the skincare journey myself and with my daughter, I knew that I had been unable to find a collection that worked across generations and skin-types. 


So I decided to build one myself. 


Considering the market was saturated, I introduce you to OLIVIAUMMA, a collection that will positively affect your overall being while not breaking the bank. Plus, it looks incredible on your bathroom counter. And the lipgloss, a wondrous addition to any handbag. Throw it in - and go! 


To begin with I launched a concise collection designed entirely around the concept of clean and clear skin. Inspired by the Tanghulu dessert trend which was developed in China - where a glass effect is layered on fruit by way of applying melted sugar, I wanted the skin to feel and resemble that crystal clear shine. From our foaming cleanser that is made from muscat grapes to our blueberry-laced serum - every item in the range is meant to make you look and feel radiant. Even our vegan liptox offerings moisturize while delivering a glistening effect without that tacky residue. 


As we continue to evolve our mission will remain the same: we will bring you tried and true Korean-made clean beauty products that are safe across all generations. 


And I don’t want to do it alone. I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word by signing up for our affiliate program where you can spread the word of your skincare journey and earn all of the benefits. 


Let’s shine together.