We are a beauty company, but we are more than that. We will be a connecting dot between Korea and Miami, the US and the world. We will make the world united with our products. We will be a connecting dot between moms and teens. We embrace all kinds of uniqueness. We will be a connecting dot between mom-to-mom and woman-to-woman. We want to build a community that whoever can lean on, feel secure and happy through our products.


Glass Skin Tanghulu™ 

We wanted to explain and visualize “Glass Skin” in our ways. Tanghulu is a sugar-coated fruit and is very popular in Korea. Although its origin is China, once it started in Korea, Tanghulu evolved with various fruits and vegetables and expanded to rice cake and others. Whoever makes Tanghulu at home, can easily understand how it relates to glass skin. As soon as you dip the fruits into melted sugar, you will see the fruits coated with glass. I mean, Real Glass!

What’s next?
We constantly look into Korea’s contemporary culture and history too. These are our inspiration and we are developing the newest concept of beauty based on Korean culture. We promise you that highest performance ingredients with science behind, but present in trendiest, fun, unique and sophisticated. Stay Tuned.